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What We Do

We help Christian and inspirational authors get their message published in print and audio formats. Below are some of the services we provide. 


Done by Professionals

Is the most in-depth level of editing, the level at which the editor joins with the author to ensure that the text fulfills its communication goals.


Done by Professionals

Careful reading (and rereading) of a (yet to be finally-printed) manuscript, to detect any errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar.


Done by Professionals

The critique is a comprehensive written evaluation of your manuscript in which we assess conflict, clarity, tension, voice, character development, plot, pacing, word choice, gaps, repetition, info dumps, and dialogue, noting what does and doesn’t work and why.


Printed by Professionals

Your book can be printed in Hardback and paperback. There is no minimum order. Print between 1-10,000. Your choice.


online and offline

Having put a huge effort into writing a book it is easy to get demoralised when sales may not take off on publication; the logic is simple, if people are not aware of your book then they can’t possibly buy it. INVED provides book marketing, that will target your audience.


Are You a Minister of God’s Word?

Why not turn your sermons into books?

We can help turn all your sermons into books, study guides or booklets. We can also promote it across the world in the most effective, efficient and affordable manner. Below are some of the services we provide in making that a reality.


We can transcribe your audio or video messages into a book from any language or dialect into English or any language of your choice.


Most sermons are written for public preaching or teaching. Spoken words have to be rewritten for a book. We can work with you to do so effectively and affordably.


We can translate your sermon(s) into English from whichever language or dialect and vice versa.

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Why us ?

We are not just a publishing company. We are on a mission to spread the message of Christian and Inspirational authors across the globe; we do this in the most effective, efficient and affordable manner. We do the work, but you own it 100% , we do not have any royalty in your work.

Customers reviews

The turn-around of their service was amazing. I had previously asked several publishers, but none of them could guarantee the time I needed it by. Then I was introduced by a friend to INVED. Their speed and quality of work was exceptional. I highly recommend their services
If you have been ‘sitting’ on your manuscript of your book because of what you’ve heard about other publishers, don’t anymore. Get in touch with INVED right now and I can assure you that, you will be pleasantly surprised.
I am happy with their services. They worked with me on my first book until I was completely satisfied. And never once made it seem like it was a bother. Their prices are very competitive too, which is a bonus.