What types of manuscript do you edit?

INVED publishing edits Christian and Inspirational materials only. We have a team of professional and experience Christian editors/proof-readers who will make sure your final product is of international standard. 

How much will it cost to edit my manuscripts?

We also believe that every manuscript is unique. Because of this, we look at your manuscript first (or portion of it), in order to give you the right quote. Do not worry, we are among the most efficient and affordable in the industry. 

Who owns the rights of books published by us?

The author owns 100% rights of his or her book(s). This means they can do whatever they want with it, without asking for permission from us.

Exactly what guarantees do you offer?

INVED publishing is among the few professional editing/proofreading companies that guarantees customer fulfilment! We never miss out on a target date. 

Who does the editing?

At INVED publishing all of our clients’ manuscripts are worked on by professing Christians.

Do you have royalties of my book sales?

No, we don’t! All profits belongs to you. We do not charge any other fee apart from the initial services provided.