Privacy Policy

Because your privacy is very important to us, INVED Publishing operates by these principles: 
• The INVED Publishing web site (“Site”) is maintained by INVED Company Ltd., registered address: 21 Shale Court, 88B Romford Road, Stratford, London. E15 4FD. 

INVED Company Ltd., is a company incorporated in England and Wales. • Our use of any personal information you provide to INVED Publishing regulated and protected by the laws of England, including England’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. 

• This Privacy Policy forms part of INVED Publishing’s terms of use. 
• To the extent that INVED Publishing collects any information from our visitors and users, whether that information is personally identifying or not, either from actively provided information, from “cookies,” or from our web hosting service, INVED Publishing uses such information only for our own purposes relating to providing our services. Such information is not knowingly provided to any third parties except as explicitly disclosed herein. 

Visiting INVED Publishing  
• When you visit our Site, our server collects information (“server logs”) regarding the pages you request, your IP address, and the server’s success in sending you the page you requested. These server logs are used for diagnostic and maintenance purposes and to produce aggregated statistics we may use to monitor and improve our services. 
• Your web browser may accept a “session cookie” that allows the web server to associate your requests with each other and to distinguish them from the requests of other visitors. The “session cookie” is a random string of letters and numbers and contains no personally identifying information. 
• Your web browser sends information “request headers” to any site you visit to let the site know what language(s) you prefer to see the site displayed in. You can control this information using the options or preferences settings in your browser software. This information is used only to serve the current request and for system diagnostics. 
• When you use our Site search page, the search terms you requested and the top results displayed may be remembered in order to monitor and improve the accuracy of the search results the search page provides. This information is not used by us for other purposes. 

When Contacting INVED Publishing 
• Your personal information, including the contact details you provide, is used to respond to any e-mail, web site, postal, fax, or telephone query you make. 
• If your inquiry is about an order you have already placed, your inquiry will be correlated with information regarding that order. 
• Information regarding your query and our response may be retained to assist in fulfilling future orders, for example, when you ask us for a quote or to create a customized service for you, or to answer further queries from you. 
• Information regarding your query and our response may be used to monitor or improve our customer service procedures. 

Placing an Order with INVED Publishing 
We provide SSL/TLS encryption to ensure the secure transmission of all your information when you place an order, including your payment details. The strength of encryption used will usually be 256-bit or higher. We recommend using the latest version of your web browser software to ensure that strong encryption is supported by your browser. You accept responsibility for ensuring the activation of the security features of your browser or computer that enable it to communicate your information securely to our Site. 
• When you place an order for services, we ask for: 
• Your name, e-mail address, and telephone number 
• Your billing address 
• The document(s) you require service on, and any special instructions relating to the service you order 
• Payment details (if you pay by credit card or electronic check) 
• This information is used to fulfill your order, to allow you to track your order, and to contact you if it is necessary to clarify your instructions, process, or to collect payment, or otherwise complete your order. 
• When you pay by credit card, we disclose information as required to verify your identity and process your payment, according to the terms and conditions by which each credit card or payment system operates, only to your bank or card issuer and our bank or payment processors. 
• When you pay by PayPal, or another electronic payment service (e-payment service), we provide information as required by the system, including your order number and the amount and currency of payment required, to the e-payment service you select. 
• Banks and e-payment services may monitor financial activity for legal reasons or to ensure compliance with their terms of service to you and to us. Therefore, we may occasionally provide additional details regarding your order or transaction for these purposes upon request. 

• We may use information collected and provided to us by the sites where we advertise to track the success of our advertising campaigns and thereby keep our costs and prices low. This information is aggregated and, therefore, does not contain any personally identifying information. 
• Information on orders received is retained after the order is completed for legal purposes, including tax, audit, and corporate records, and may also be used for customer service and order fulfillment purposes where several orders are in some way similar or related, for example, being chapters of the same manuscript or thesis, a sequel, etc. 

Providing Feedback to INVED Publishing 
• Your feedback is valuable. We like to know when we’ve done well and when we can improve. Feedback you provide for completed orders will be correlated with information regarding the order the feedback relates to, and we may contact you to respond to the feedback you provide. 
• You may choose to permit us to publish your feedback in the testimonials section of our Site and elsewhere. If you permit us to do this, we will publish the first name or nickname you provide and your general location (not your address) and will edit your comments to remove any other personally identifying information. Creating an Account with INVED Publications 
Creating an account is optional. 
You are not required to create an account to place orders with INVED Publishing. When you create an account, your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number are stored for your use on future visits to our Site. You may also store language and currency preferences in your account. You must log in to access your account. 
• You may also establish a business account with us and link several accounts together under this account. To do this, we will ask for business information and payment details for the business account and associate that information with the personal information you have provided. 
• If you create an account, you will have access to tracking information on all orders you place. If your account is linked to a business account, you consent to information on all orders you place being provided to the person(s) responsible for the business account. 
• You may use your account to choose to receive newsletters and special offers from INVED Publishing by e-mail. 

This option is not on by default and is not a requirement for creating an account. You may also choose to turn this option on or off at any time by logging in to your account. 

Statistical Analysis 
We may, from time to time, engage the services of third parties to store and process server logs and statistical data on our behalf. When we do so, those third parties act as limited agents of INVED Publishing and are bound by this privacy policy. 

Legal Disclosure 
We do not share personal information with any third parties except as disclosed in this policy. We may be required to disclose any personal information we hold as a result of a legitimate request or warrant, or for other reasons required or allowed by applicable laws. If we believe that a crime, tort, or other illegal act, including payment fraud, has taken place or is about to take place, we may voluntarily disclose relevant personal information to the police, courts, or other competent authorities. 

Agents, Successors, and Assigns  
INVED Publishing may, from time to time, employ the services of contractors or agents. If said contractors or agents require access to personal information held by INVED Publishing to perform their duties, they will be bound by a non-disclosure agreement and required to adhere to this privacy policy. • Should INVED Publishing be purchased by, sell a substantial part of its business operations to, or merge with another company, personal information we hold may form part of the business records transferred to the new owner (including on a due diligence review). This privacy policy, or an equivalent policy, will become binding upon the new owner. 

Recourse and Dispute Resolution 
Any personal information you provide to INVED Publishing is regulated by England’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. You have the right to know what personal information INVED Publishing holds about you and to request correction of any errors or omissions therein. 

We reserve the right, as required by law, to require additional evidence of your identity in order to ensure that personal information we hold is disclosed only to you. Please direct all such inquiries by post and enclose a copy of a document that confirms your identity (i.e., your driving license) to: The Data Protection and Privacy Officer, INVED Company Ltd., 21 Shale Court, Romford Road, Stratford, London, E15 4FD Thank you for reading our privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask us.